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Educational workshop topics

  1. Aging in Place-will my current home work?
  2. Should I sell or remodel my current home?
  3. Will the cost of deferred maintenance force a move?
  4. Can debt on my home help if I need Long-term Care?
  5. There are many reasons to consider a moving at 62+
  6. The Advantages of Engineered System Built Homes

*  Times, dates, and locations to be determined.

Options for the 62+

As a Senior Real Estate Consultant Jack understands the housing challenges facing aging adults.  Should you remodel or find a new home that will match the lifestyle changes that come with aging.

HECM Purchase and refinance:  Buy a new/newer home or remodel.  Use cash from your home, and HECM loan proceeds for the rest. The programs allow you to find a suitable and safe home that will allow you to age in place well into the future.

About Jack Benke, GRI, CBR, MMP, CEA,

Jack Benke acquired a number of professional disciplines over the years.  Jack spent 22+ years in the construction industry 1969-1991.  Jack took the opportunity in 1991 to make a career change.  Jack attended St Thomas University under their "Parents on Campus Program" and majored in Economics from 1991-1995.  Jack founded Home Mortgage of Minnesota, Inc. in 1999 - 2013 and went back to school in 2000 and obtained a Real Estate Brokers license in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida.  Jack joined Spectra Home Mortgage, Inc. in 2013, and is a Certified Mortgage Professional.  Jack founded Real Estate Opportunities, Inc in 2001.  As a 3rd generation tradesman, Jack enjoys the housing industry.

Jack identified a need in 2013, and is once again licensed as a Residential Building Contractor, in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and its Qualified Person for Real Estate Opportunities, Inc. DBA System Built Homes, Inc.. With the economy gaining momentum, historic low interest rates, and a shortage of quality built affordable housing Jack could not resist the opportunity to offer Energy Efficient, Engineered, System-built Homes. This type of construction provides more options and advantages than conventional 'stick-built' construction.  High quality materials, and advanced engineering techniques, assure that your next home is built for life.  A system-built home is constructed in an environmentally controlled facility, and built to the same state building codes as 'stick-built' homes-not to be confused with manufactured HUD homes.  Attention is paid to every detail to assure a solid, tight, energy efficient structure. 

Jack’s clients can choose from thousands of designs, amenities, or completely design a new home  from scratch. Jack can help you purchase the home of your dreams with unlimited possibilities as a retailer for nationally recognized system-built home manufactures such as Dynamic Homes (An Energy Star Certified Builder) and Champion Homes.  Jack will bring simplicity to the planning process, and provide you a superior home within your budget.  You select all your amenities and options at one place, saving you time and headaches.  Moreover, you will be in your new home in a fraction of the time and expense of a traditional stick built home.